How To Renovate Your Store Design Effectively

Customers are always looking for something new and fresh. If a business goes too long without updating its look, customers may find a competitor that is new or newly remodeled for a new look. But finding out how to renovate your store design without having to close for a long period of time can be difficult. A new look for the business will draw new customers and can even be used as a reason to have a big sale or re-opening celebration. These are strategies that can be used in store renovation that cut down on disruption of business while accomplishing a whole new decor look.

Franchise Design

If your business is part of a franchise, it is important to find out what decor restrictions and overall look the parent company requires. Some franchises want all of their member-owners to follow a strict set of store design options. This may have to do with brand recognition. There are many restaurant franchises that want all their locations to have a similar look. They may even require franchise owners to remodel every few years following a sort of master plan. If the business owner hires a restaurant consulting firm, the design experts can help fit the franchise design into the existing building. Getting advice from an experienced franchiser can be very helpful.

Make The Redesign Count

No matter what the redesign involves, it will disrupt business and be inconvenient. It will be costly to go through the process of demolition and construction. For this reason, when a business is renovated, it should be a complete renovation and new look. Going through all the mess and inconvenience for a partial redesign is just not worth it. As long as there is the inconvenience of construction, use the opportunity to make a complete change for a completely new look. Change some spaces around, make the traffic flow better, improve the utilization of all the building space. Complete redesigns can actually be more cost-effective in the long run. The new look, when completed can be a marketing tool and improve the business image. There can be a big reopening event to show off the finished project.

To Stay Open Or To Close During Renovations?

How many business owners can close during store redesigns and renovations? Can the business pay workers during the time the business is closed? Can the business owner afford to lose good employees? What about losing customers to competitors while closed? Not many business owners can afford to be closed during the whole renovation process. Many businesses can benefit from modifying business hours during this process. The business can open a few hours later or close earlier each day during the construction process. If planned well, the messy work can be done during these few hours and at night, then things can be cleaned up for the open hours. Customers can be taken care of and be part of the renovation experience. Some businesses choose a day or two during the week to be closed. The important thing is to be open enough hours to retain good employees and customers, yet be able to get the renovation work done in as short a time as possible.

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